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“Carissa Summer Rose blends elements of powerful dark pop that is uniquely and powerfully her own. Fans of Lana Del Rey, Banks, and Adele should appreciate her deeply confessional lyrics backed with a beautiful new voice in music. ‘Hopeless’ (remix) and ‘Blacktop’ (remix) perfectly shows the exquisite voice this young artist already possesses, who is clearly destined for the top.”  – Hollywood Sentinel

“On ‘Hopeless,’ Carissa Summer Rose effortlessly pulls the heartstrings of the listener on this beautiful, dark love ballad, bringing chills that run deep.” – NewsBlaze   

“’Bougie Palace City’ by Carissa Summer Rose is an instant classic pop banger that we just want to hear over and over.” – Beverly Hills Times writer Bruce Edwin

“Carissa is an exceptionally gifted singer and songwriter with the strongest sense of her own muse, a sensitive yet abundantly powerful voice in the modern music world.” – Julian Shah-Tayler (music producer for the “Maleficent” trailer featuring Lana Del Rey for Disney)